When you come to Bridget’s peaceful countryside clinic you are given the time and space you need to unwind, open up and be listened to.

Bridget will first make a diagnosis by taking a health history and palpating the body. Using 5 Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine Bridget creates an individualised treatment plan that will evolve as your health improves.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used to great effect on musculoskeletal problems and acute problems where quick relief is needed.

5 Element theory aims to treat the individual at the deepest level, thus bringing the most profound changes to the physical, mental and spiritual body from gentle and effective treatments.

Treatment involves the insertion of fine, single-use needles though is not painful. Depending on your treatment, other Chinese Medicine methods may be used such as cupping, moxibustion and guasha. Often Bridget uses her expertise in Thai Massage and Yoga to complement treatment.

Bridget delivers unique treatments that offer great healing benefits by combining these three ancient philosophies.

Chinese Medicine takes all lifestyle factors into account therefore, you may receive some advice to bolster your treatment this may include dietary changes, meditations or stretches.

After treatment, you could feel relaxed, revitalised or even tired, due to the holistic nature of Acupuncture, everyone will feel different. As your treatment progresses you may also find that other aspects of your health, not directly linked to your main complaint will also improve.

If you think acupuncture could be right for you, contact Bridget for a free assessment.

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