Bridget has been treating me for chronic pain caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia. Her expert knowledge and variety of treatments have given me great relief. Bridget is a kind and understanding lady and the treatment is done in the calmest and tranquil surroundings.  A very holistic experience.

RA May 2019

Bridget is awesome, she has been helping to relieve my chronic back pain. She incorporates other techniques in addition to acupuncture which makes each session extremely therapeutic. She has also been treating our 9-month-old who is responding to the treatment very well.

KD April 2019

Shout out to the most amazing holistic acupuncture practitioner – Bridget Hunter Acupuncture – if anyone needs help with pain, hormones, fertility she’s the one! I can’t thank her enough for helping me have precious Marlow, I don’t believe he would be here without her.

PG February 2019

A wholly relaxing treatment in a wholly relaxing environment.

AR March 2015

Being 60 years and plus, I have over the last few years been suffering more and more with aching joints, constant muscle tension and sciatica. Typical hours worked are 70+ per week in a very specialised field with lots of pressure, impossible deadlines and stress. Bridget explained the whole process in detail the whole way through and it’s very clear that she really knows her subject. Worldly wise and articulate, communicative and friendly rather than ‘mechanical’. A VERY positive experience and after just one intense treatment I already feel enormously better. With zero hesitation I highly recommend her.

RT July 2018

I had complete trust in her ability to administer the acupuncture treatments and make a difference to my feeling of good health.

LC March 2015

Bridget is a wonderful therapist. She listens to your story, is as attentive as someone can be and not only takes a close look at your body but also your overall condition and emotions. Her treatments are intense and very effective. It’s not just TCM, it’s so much more.

EK October 2015

An acupuncture session with Bridget is a very holistic experience. Each session gave me the feeling of being cared for by very experienced hands. She has a passion for the healing arts which always gave me the feeling of receiving a very tailor-made treatment. I went to see Bridget during the tiring and exhausting time after the birth of my first child and I always came out of the sessions rejuvenated and invigorated – a little miracle!

BB March 2015

If anyone is considering some serious and deeply needed treatment, I thoroughly recommend Bridget Hunter.

JB March 2015

I had my first ever acupuncture treatment with Bridget and I was very happy with her level of knowledge and professionalism. I was naturally a little nervous at first with the unexpected but she talked me through the entire process calmly and answered all my questions. I felt really good after the treatment the twinge I had in my right knee went away by the next morning. I’d highly recommend her to anyone, especially first-timers.

KW February 2015

After months of pain in my jaw, I turned to Bridget without knowing if she was able to help, I had constant pain and my hope for recovering was pretty much gone. She was the first therapist who actually took the time to look at me thoroughly and ask about my medical history. The treatment was very gentle, and she made sure that I felt comfortable with every part of it. I am immensely grateful that she managed to help me with my pain.

EB April 2015

I had been struggling with depression and low energy levels for a number of years and traditional medication had proved ineffective. I had a series of acupuncture sessions with Bridget over a period of several months. The combination of talking with insightful feedback and input from Bridget proved to be very cathartic and effectual, combined with the acupuncture sessions, I made significant progress. I found Bridget to be very professional and would have no hesitation in recommending her services

DM April 2015

I am a sceptic when it comes to alternative medicine but I was humbled by her empirical approach. I did feel a physical shift in my pulse and energy throughout the acupuncture and ”lighter” afterwards The experience has subtly changed me and my relationship with my body. I would highly recommend Bridget if you are interested in acupuncture but are hesitant. She is not just certified but has experience with a wide range of issues. On a human to human level, she is kind, considerate, compassionate, has great humour, and is wonderful.

LK February 2015

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