About Bridget

Bridget’s belief in the healing arts comes from not only her 17 years of practising Chinese Medicine but her own experiences of receiving treatment. Bridget uses her career thus far and her varied life experiences to create a safe, non-judgemental and empathic healing space where you receive the most gentle and effective treatment.

From a young age, Bridget was interested in the natural world, growing up in rural countryside led her to have a deep-seated understanding of how our surroundings can impact our general wellbeing. This understanding combined with a childhood of intensive sport and gymnastics training led to a curiosity of all things anatomy and healing.

To learn more, Bridget’s first degree was in Pathology and Biomedical Sciences at Otago University. A 14-year career followed working in hospitals in New Zealand and the UK as a biomedical scientist.

Travel has always been a great passion and while traversing the corners of the globe Bridget always sought out the local healer to learn more of their craft. It was in Asia where she first came across Chinese Medicine. The philosophy and theory behind the practice truly resonated with her and she felt like she had finally found her inspiration.

The results that she not only witnessed but personally experienced were remarkable. Acupuncture had grabbed her attention and she wanted to learn more.

In 2005 Bridget began her studies at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. Here 5 Element Acupuncture and TCM are taught, and when combined, these methods bring deep healing experiences.

After completing her Acupuncture degree Bridget furthered her knowledge in alternative therapies and in 2009 undertook Yoga Teacher Training at Tribe Yoga, India. Later in 2011, she studied Thai Massage at Watpo, Bangkok – the origin of Thai Massage. Both these practices have only added to Bridget’s treatments, as she incorporates these philosophies and styles into her acupuncture practice.

Since beginning her acupuncture career Bridget has always been passionate to give back.

In India, she used her skills to treat in diverse environments and encountered conditions not often seen in the West. In Kenya (2016) she volunteered to treat the local community. Here, people of every size, age and background came for treatment prompting Bridget to become more comfortable treating children. She saw how simple treatments brought rapid results. Always with a desire to learn more, she has recently completed a specialised paediatrics acupuncture course, ensuring she can treat children responsibly and to great effect.

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Bridget now lives in New Plymouth with her 5-year-old daughter. She still greatly enjoys the nature that surrounds her by nurturing her garden and strolling along nearby Back Beach.

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